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Marathon Medals For Propagandizing PD

Marathon Medals For Propagandizing PD
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The inscription on the front, the organizer Fox Trot and the logo, simply outline what a Fox looks like. What's special about it is that it clearly illustrates the purpose of this marathon -- for Parkinson's research. Parkinson's disease (PD) is a common neurodegenerative disease, common among the elderly, and is still being studied by scientists all over the world.


Events like the marathon can not only get more people involved in sports, but also promote Parkinson's disease. It allows the general public to learn more about diseases like Parkinson's. When they see the medal later, they will remember the competition and remember its deeper significance.


Trophys Functions:

Gives acknowledgement to individuals for efforts done and achieved goal.

Provides motivation to individuals in a competition whether in school or office.

A huge effect of propagandizing disease

A unique way to add to your Olympic or award themed party.


Marathon medal details:

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size and dimension: customized by yourself

Neck ribbon: neck-friendly

Text and pattern: designed for yourself

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