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Gold,Silver Bronze Golf Ball Medal

Gold,Silver Bronze Golf Ball Medal
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Golf Color Epoxy Medal

Like other sports, golf is also a very good one which leaves us a lot of good memories after entertainment and competition, you may have a friend who is a Golfer who can tee off and hit the green, give the players something to remember the tournament with something exquisite, such as the colorful medal or golf sculptures which are great and lively ways

What this kind of golf competition medal can be used for?

Celebrate you and your team’s success

● This is perfectly suited as a gift with added small velvet gift bag/box.


● Teachers, this is a great option to reward students for a job well done!


● Celebrate sporting achievements with this handsome golf sculpture, and retain the memories for a lifetime.


● Spouses, friends and family members can acknowledge the realization of a loved ones' goal, perfect for your wants -- this medal is used for the family birdie title each week, whomever gets the birdie title, gets to take home the medal that week.


● Work or company golf outing

This medal is a good one to be first, second, third place prize at a work golf outing, it is something neat and easy if you are on budget and a time crunch, it will fit that perfectly with these high quality generic golf medal plus a nice ribbon, the winners will be very pleased that they got anything for winning.


For golf tournament or formal/informal golf club, work out really well, looks really nice, an inexpensive way to recognize good play by engraving the date, name, prize etc. on the room back of the medal.


● Whether for a race or personal milestone, commemorate any accomplishment.


Quick view of this golf ball medal

● Dimensions: customized based on your needs


● Material: Per your requirements-zinc alloy, stainless steel, or any other metal, wood, glass, crystal, plastic material which you prefer


● Engraved area: Enough back area for your choice or just molded your branded or some other information, either making raised letters or recessed contents with enamel


● Appearance: Shiny or Matte, gold, bronze, silver which are great for 1st, 2nd & 3rd lace standings, nickel or any other coating you prefer


● Ribbon/Lace: Includes 1 or 1.5 inch wide and 36” long neck Ribbon


 Gold, Silver Bronze Golf Color Medal

Golf Tournament

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